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Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 12 – Pink Floyd Part. I

Today we sit down and rummage through the early history of one of the most musically iconic and reknowned rock bands ever: Pink Floyd! We look at their history and review all their albums before their landmark album Dark Side of The Moon.

Mushroom Monarch(twitter.com/PunishedMonarch)
Dave Yellowman(twitter.com/Dave_Yellowman)

We go through so much fucking music that it’d be impractical to list them! Hope you have Shazam fam!

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 11 – SUPER EUROBEAT


After a month’s break we’re back with some Hi-NRG! We sit down and FINALLY discuss SUPER EUROBEATS(I got my driver’s license during the break so we’re in the clear)!

Mushroom Monarch (@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver

Alexis – Fly to My Paradise
D. Essex – Restless and Wild
Dance With The Dead – Banshee
Dave Rodgers – Watch Me Dancing
Dj Nrg – Rock Rock City
Go 2 – Power
Guess Who – American Woman
Lolita – Come on Baby
M.O.V.E – Noizy Tribe
Break In 2 The Nite
Gamble Rumble
Blazing Beat
Manuel – Gas Gas Gas
Max Coveri – Running in the 90s
Mega NRG Man – Bad News
Kung Fu Fire
Niko – Night of Fire
One III Notes – Shadow and Truth(ACCA OP)
NRG Boys – Heart & Body
Porno Graffitti – The Day(Boku No Hero Academia OP)
Sabaton – Carolus Rex

The Reichsshitpost Chamber – Episode 9 – Synthwave/Fashwave

This is by far one of the worst episodes I’ve put out. Yet I put in so much time editing, thinking it could be salvaged. Fuck it. It’s entertaining though.

Mushroom Monarch
Hazzard McCree
Freelance Autist
Fema Bandcamp Leader


Fema’s Soundcloud:

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 7 – Reggae – Black (Fake) History Month Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd installment of our anthropological and highly critical look into Jungle Beat Inc. This week we sit down with Dave Yellowman of The Convict Report to discussion this particularly bizarre genre!

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)
Frankie Favela(@frankie_favela)
Dave Yellowman(@Dave_Yellowman)

Playlist (By Dave Yellowman):


The Story So Far – Quicksand
Asobi Seksu – Thurday
System Shock 2 – Med Sci
P.O.D. – Youth of the Nation
Death Grips – Inanimate Sens
The Yummy Fur – Deathclub
Adam Ant – Animals and Men
Buju Banton – Boom Bye Bye
Dr. Alimantado – Gimme Mi Gun
Scientist – Invaders
Yellowman – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Alton Ellis – Dance Crasher
Van Bennett – The Russians Are Coming (Take Five)

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 666 – Black Guitarists – (FAKE) Black History Month Part 2

Welcome to episode 666 of the Reichsmusik Chamber!

On this episode we go further down the rabbit hole of fake black history month and talk about prominent magic-black guitarist that whitey could never compete with. This includes Chuck Berry, the guitarist from Animals As Leaders and, yes(OF COURSH!), Jimi Hendrix! We also, against our good senses, cover the Grammy’s, giving that shitshow of a poz’d liberal circlejerk more attention than it deserves.

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)

Deftones- Minerva
Opeth- Beneath The Mire
AC/DC – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Wille The Wimp
Scuttle Buttin’ & Say What!
Little Wing
Aoi Yuuki – Los! Los! Los! (Youjo Senki Op.)

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 5 – Death Grips – (Fake) Black History Month Part 1

On this special episode of The Reichsmusik Chamber I am joined by my old and trusty co-host and friend Badtanman! We talk about 90’s pop music, Death Metal concerts, Death Grips, jungle beats and a little bit of shitposting in between. Very fun episode!

Mushroom Monarch (@PunishedMonarch)

Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Ace of Base – All That She Wants
Captian Jack – Captain Jack
NOMA – Brain Power
Devildriver – Clouds Over California
The Agonist – Thank You Pain
Winds of Plague – The Impaler
Death Grips – Giving Bad People Good Ideas
I’ve Seen Footage
No Love
Bottomless Pit

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 3 – 6,000,000 Tons of METAL!

Now on: radio.therightstuff.biz

On this episode of the Reichsmusik Chamber we dedicate 2 hours to PURE, UNFILTERED, KVLT, METAL!
We talk about:

>the new Sepultura album
>band chemistry
>live shows
>and of coursh extensive guitar posting!

Spotify Playlist:

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)

Bongripper – Hippe Killer
Sepultura – Machine Messiah, Phantom Self, Cyber God, Sworn Oath
The Absence – Echoes
Lamb of God – 512
Cephalic Carnage – Ohrwurm

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 2 – wtf i’m down with clown now

On this second musical escapade I am joined by The Bongo Bongo Abortion cast wherein of all musical travesties we discuss: THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE! Surprisingly, they’re not that bad, well at least The Great Milenko isn’t…

We also talk lightly on Jungle Beats Inc. and Slipknot!

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)
Berry Picker(@reactionaryist)
Freelance Autist(@FreelanceAutist)
Noah Missourian(@The_Missourian)
Sadly no Badtanman :'(

Background Music: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 OST


Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 1 – The Alt. Right’s Music Podcast!


Welcome children of all ages to the FIRST EPISODE of The Reichsmusik Chamber, an Alt. Right podcast dedicated to the discussion of music, both fashy and normie.

New episodes are published every SATURDAY!

Today we discuss:


Swpl Music

Metal… Of Coursh!

Your Hosts:

Mushroom Monarch: (@PunishedMonarch)

Prof. Badtanman: (@Badtanman)