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Europa Weekly – Episode 34: The Goys are Back in Town

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New panel!

Many things are talked about this week, among which in-group quality control, the latest livestream episode, Lauren Southern talking about the Great Replacement, Renaud Camus, normies and the JQ, quotes from a great philosopher, acid attacks in the UK, invaders lynching a cop in France, crime stats in Sweden, the Fifth Political Theory. Finally we read the mail we received this week.

Lauren Southern video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTDmsmN43NA

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Intro: Peste Noire – Le Retour de la Peste (edited version)

Europa Weekly – Episode 33: Passing The Torch

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Last episode of Season 1 of Europa Weekly. Pusher, Arminius and Barbute are joined by the new additions to EW, Fenias Farsa and Blitz. We have a long disorganized talk with no particular focus this week.

Next week, Fenias and Blitz will organize a livestream episode of Europa Weekly on Google Hangout where you’ll be able to call in to accuse them of being cucks or chosenites. The week after that season 2 will kick off with the new panel (Pusher, Fenias, Blitz) for ever greater adventures.

Follow Fenias on Twitter @repealthe1488th to have more info on the livestream episode.

Europa Weekly – Episode 32: Donald & The Kebabs (duckology pt.II)

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Barbute is back, which allows us to finally conclude our talk on Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. We also mention the Happening of the week aka BASED Van man, the feud between Helmut Kohl and Merkel, school indoctrination in Finland, why we should burn down universities, architectureposting, is antifa pro or anti-Israel, another example of a pozzed Green woman (Ska Keller), and a French (black) MP defending the legitimacy of saying “Fuck France”.

Europa Weekly – Episode 30: Kebab Fatigue and #wokeSaxon

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3-man panel this week.

Are discussed in no particular order: the future of Europa Weekly part 2 (3?), the conquerant mindset of Kebabs in the US, more comments on Rotherham and general Kebab fatigue, Franco A. once again, a progressive use of wine bottles, the trans brainwashing and mutilation of children and finally the UK elections with a comment regarding unwarranted admiration of old school leftists.

Europa Weekly – Episode 29: Londonistan Calling

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This week’s guest is Panzerfaust, a member of Erkenbrand, a Dutch Alt-right group. With him, we talk about the latest happening in Bongland, Franco A., the importance of local politics, media manipulation of cultural enrichment, the upcoming Erkenbrand conference (on which you can find info on the descrition of Episode 28), the intricate lore of the Donald Duck Universe and Evola’s writing style.

Europa Weekly – Episode 28: The Lord of the Right : The Fellowship of the Race

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Barbute is back! And our pal HeraldOfVarg joins us from Britistan to talk about the Manchester happening. We also discuss (in no particular order) the new trend of Lord of The Ring memes, the Boomer Question, government crackdown on free speech, UK elections,

As per usual, you can write us at [email protected]

Erkenbrand is also organizing a conference in the Netherlands next October, check it out.

Europa Weekly – Ep. 27: Three Boys, a European Tale of Internet Racism for all Ages

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Barbute is not there today. More casual episode, we talk about the future of Europa Weekly and alt-right credentials, before delving into more serious topics, such as the BBC fiction Three Girls, based on the Rotherham scandal, the normie’s will to die quickly, follow-up on Brexit, National Day in Norway, Islam and the Kebab race and the question of free speech.

Europa Weekly – Episode 26: Southern Milkers and Huwhyte globalism

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Full panel this week.

Topics discussed: Lauren Southern’s stunt with the Identitarians, Norwegian Jews kvetching about circumcision, BASED hockey player getting the PC hammer, forced genital mutilation (munch the kebab, wear the hijab), a few more thoughts about Esoteric Spencerism. Finally, Arminius shares his expertise on the Eurovision with us.

Europa Weekly – Ep. 24: Soylent Green II: European Boogaloo

As promised, the panel talks about the GQ (Gypsy Question) in this episode, which is shorter than usual because of technical difficulties and Pete’s personal obligations.
But we also discuss the Soylent Question, the multiracial future of Europe as well as the developments in the French election. Today also marks the day of death of the Nazbol meme.

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly