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Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 5 – Death Grips – (Fake) Black History Month Part 1

On this special episode of The Reichsmusik Chamber I am joined by my old and trusty co-host and friend Badtanman! We talk about 90’s pop music, Death Metal concerts, Death Grips, jungle beats and a little bit of shitposting in between. Very fun episode!

Mushroom Monarch (@PunishedMonarch)

Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Ace of Base – All That She Wants
Captian Jack – Captain Jack
NOMA – Brain Power
Devildriver – Clouds Over California
The Agonist – Thank You Pain
Winds of Plague – The Impaler
Death Grips – Giving Bad People Good Ideas
I’ve Seen Footage
No Love
Bottomless Pit