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**FIXED LINK** Fascism Forever Club Episode 6 “Iron March BTFO!”

What’s the word for ass cancer again? Oh, that’s right, Iron March.
Not clickbait, we talk about Iron March autism for over 2 hrs. Burning bridges baby! It’s what we do.

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autistic ironmarch article:
notice the use of the word “system” lol. Shoutout to Zilanzo who linked me to this autistic filth.

encyclopedia dramatica article about main admin of Iron March:

This is an addendum I made the day after the podcast:

Just a short clarification to anyone still confused. This is an addendum to ep 6 since there seemed to be a lot of confused niggas out there in need of guidance

Link to very scientific article made by yours truly:!Nvo1lL4S!w1kLxEqNRbT_9a7mA82woMbslhgb_wkx7mP7D9Ea5Bw

also come on read that violence article it’s so spergy it’s funny:

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***FIXED LINK*** Fascism Forever Club Episode 5 “Gavin “Bad Goy” McInnes”

DJ AXLE and Terfus listen to Gavin McInnes and comment on his antisemitic shenanigans. We answer some comments we recieved on forum, the soundcloud page and facebook. We also call out Mysterium Fasces and their hosts Florian Geyer and Greve Hans. D&D is meant for tabletop gaming, not schizophernic fantasies.

Special thanks to Báleygr for his voluntary music sessions. Love you man!

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Fascism Forever Club Episode 4 “Keep Criticizing Us”

DJ AXLE and Terfus talk about critique recieved after Episode 3 of the Fascism Forever Club. We respond specifically to a comment made by “Butch Deadlift”. Other than that, we explain our world-view more in depth, and we would like for you to comment on what made you a nationalist.

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The next episode will be oriented more around the basics for people new to nationalism to understand.