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Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 13 – “The Labor Dindu Nuffin!”

“This episode we strap into the legendary Mobile Police Patlabor OVA and movie.”

Download here.

Patlabor: The Movie – Ending Theme
Sex Machineguns – Heavy Metal Thunder
Yuko Nitou – Sono mama no Kimi de Ite

Watch Blue Gender and tune in next week for our discussion.

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 11 – “Otaku Are the Real Übermenchen”

“It’s our longest episode ever but it’s worth it because we discuss Welcome to the NHK and the final solution to the hikikomori question.”

Download here.

Round Table – Puzzle
Toe – All I Understand Is That I Don’t Understand
Pearl Kyoudai – Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi

Watch Keijo!!!!!!!! to follow our discussion of the series later this week.

Also, check out Lawrence Murray’s article on anime that CTK mentioned. It’s worth a read.

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 8 – “Japanese Schoolgirl Panty Feng Shui”

“It’s a Marshmallow Girl-sized episode in which we review Another and Tag. Big Daikon , from Oriental Observer, joins us and helps demystify the idiosyncrasies of Japanese culture and belief.

Download here.

ALI PROJECT – Kyomu Densen
Church of Misery – Ripping Into Pieces
Anamnesis – Annabel

Tune in next week as we get into Please Teacher!

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 7 – “We’re Going To Build A Wall In Space, And The Aliens Are Going To Pay For it”

“In episode 7 we talk about space, race, and the space race, with Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. We also get esoteric with Jodorowski”

Download here,

Isao Tomita – Holst’s Venus, the Bringer of Peace
Seikima-II – The Earth is in Pain
Isao Tomita – Holst’s Neptune, the Mystic

Check out Another and tune into our discussion of it next week.

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 6 – Nietzschean Nihilism Adds +1 to Saving Throws.

“In episode 6 we get philosophical with Berserk.”

Download here.


Susumu Hirasawa – Hai Yo

Versailles – Masquerade

Penpals – Tell Me Why

Be sure to watch Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise to follow our discussion of it next week!