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Europa Weekly – Episode 28: The Lord of the Right : The Fellowship of the Race

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Barbute is back! And our pal HeraldOfVarg joins us from Britistan to talk about the Manchester happening. We also discuss (in no particular order) the new trend of Lord of The Ring memes, the Boomer Question, government crackdown on free speech, UK elections,

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Erkenbrand is also organizing a conference in the Netherlands next October, check it out.

Europa Weekly – Ep. 27: Three Boys, a European Tale of Internet Racism for all Ages

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Barbute is not there today. More casual episode, we talk about the future of Europa Weekly and alt-right credentials, before delving into more serious topics, such as the BBC fiction Three Girls, based on the Rotherham scandal, the normie’s will to die quickly, follow-up on Brexit, National Day in Norway, Islam and the Kebab race and the question of free speech.

Europa Weekly – Episode 26: Southern Milkers and Huwhyte globalism

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Full panel this week.

Topics discussed: Lauren Southern’s stunt with the Identitarians, Norwegian Jews kvetching about circumcision, BASED hockey player getting the PC hammer, forced genital mutilation (munch the kebab, wear the hijab), a few more thoughts about Esoteric Spencerism. Finally, Arminius shares his expertise on the Eurovision with us.

Europa Weekly – Ep. 24: Soylent Green II: European Boogaloo

As promised, the panel talks about the GQ (Gypsy Question) in this episode, which is shorter than usual because of technical difficulties and Pete’s personal obligations.
But we also discuss the Soylent Question, the multiracial future of Europe as well as the developments in the French election. Today also marks the day of death of the Nazbol meme.

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Europa Weekly – Episode 23: Fifty Shades of Red

The panel discusses various news items before delving into the results of the First round of the French presidential election. Among other things are discussed the latest kebab prank in France, the leadership of the AfD, security concerns over the celebration in Norway of the 17th of May, kebabs and antisemitism, a purple-haired Finnish feminist deconstructs normativity in sexuality and tactical nihilism in debates.

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Europa Weekly – Episode 22: A Dindu, a Thot, a Burger and a Scot Walk Into a Bar…

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No Barbute this week. The panel delves into the usual news before discussing a discussion featured in a YouTube video by Roaming Millenial in a second part. Are discussed in this episode conflict inside the AfD, the question of media concentration, the attack on the Dortmund bus, soccer (and sportsball), suspect in an attempt to attack Oslo arrested, how the French flag is banned from the campaign spots for the upcoming election, Marine Le Pen’s latest controversial comment regarding the echokin. Afterwards we discuss various points and arguments made on a roundtable discussion featuring Greg Johnson and Millenial Woes versus Roaming Millenial and That Guy T.

Video in question:
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Europa Weekly – Episode 21: Advanced Kebab Theory & Happeningology

Recent happenings were numerous, which made for easy content this week. We talked about the St. Petersburg bombings, the Stockholm attack, virtue-signalling on social media, Islam & Kebabs, the Gibraltar situation, latest presidential debate in France, the great shutting down of a Soros University in Hungary and we finish with a few comments on Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s comments on the alt-right.

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Europa Weekly – Episode 20: the Intricacies of Debating, the Psychology of Identity

No guests, no Pete! The 3-man panel discusses broader issues this episode, as no major news broke this week. Are discussed (in no particular order) the German party know as the NPD, small political parties in French elections and scenarios for 2017, differences between Stalinism and Trotskyism, the Nazbol Question, official Finnish State-propaganda in favor of immigration and open borders, general criticism thereof, the African demographic timebomb, German Slingshot man getting SHUT DOWN, Brexit and the EU, the choice between Sovereignity and Identity, debating tactics and tips, and Amy Schumer.

Slingshot Man’s story:…-stab-vest.html

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly
Outro: Istanpitta – Saltarello (I)

Europa Weekly – Episode 19: The Normies Will Wake Up, Says Increasingly Nervous Europe for the Seventh Year in a Row


This week, the panel discusses the numerous and latest happenings, before delving into the Kebab Question and usual pro-Islam narratives. After that, the discussion goes into the Dutch election results before tackling the question of using realistic political opportunities, the imperatives of making deals and the question of accelerationism. Pusher then talks about a debate he had with a leftist acquaintance. The last part is dedicated to the intricacies of the Normie Mind and the necessity to have positive politics instead of exclusively negative proposals.

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Molyneux
Outro: Alain Bashung – Résidents de la République

Europa Weekly – Episode 17: White Djihad…in Space!

Episode 17

As the name doesn’t indicate, this week we talk about the upcoming Dutch elections and topics related to the Netherlands (Geert Wilders, Thierry Baudet, Pym Fortuyn…) as well as the treacherous nature of Kebabs, Islam as perpetual civil war and the question that has puzzled Europeans for quite some time now: are Somalis even human? We then move on to other happenings in Germany. After that, the panel goes back to unbridled SPACEPOSTING, the perpetual struggle and the pursuit thereof in space.

Intro: Palästinlied feat. Molyneux
Outro: Burzum – Emptiness (version from The Ways of Yore)

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