Europa Weekly – Episode 39: The Diminishing Returns of Happenings

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Pusher is back from vacation. The panel delves into many topics, such as: the 3 latest happenings in Europe, the treacherous nature of Moroccans, kebabs larping as US blacks (again), the reason why catladies go and commit suicide in Egypt, historical anecdotes regarding women’s right to vote, the revolutionary mindset and disenfranchised generations, how to deal with journalists, post-christian/female mindset of victimizing criminals and the question of the criminal underclass’ relation to socialism (“socialement proche” in French, from the Russian Социально-близкие, why you should still and always hate communists, regardless of circumstances, and why we need our audience to shill for us.

The historical character Pusher mentions regarding the Commies is Lavrenti Beria, look him up.

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