Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Now I Hate Lames 3 (Part Two; The Wrath of the Ox!)

Every time we record this show on the discord; I think to myself ‘Wow, this can’t get any worse than it is right now’. And every week after we some how manage to set the bar of absurd shit even lower; I love it. I fucking love it.

This weeks episode has us spinning even further into madness; and into miscarriages faster than an a flying negro pyramid into the sun. Joining me are my usual chucklefucks (Some more dedicated listeners may have noticed I’ve stopped listing them by name in the description) and a familiar old fan.

Join us as we settle domestic abuse the good old fashioned way, through rape and screaming autistically about ‘The Ox’. Meanwhile Mushroom decides to share his entire Death Grips collection with us by playing it in the background, as well as some fucking weebshit. I constantly ask myself why I outsourced my recording shit to Mexico.

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission: NightStop – Ghoul (lmfao)
Outro: The Encounter – Behemoth IV

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