Mysterium Fasces Episode 32: Law and Order

In this episode, host Florian Geyer is joined by co-host Doc Savage and regular contributor RudeForThought by special guest, Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson to discuss Law and Order (Logos). Featuring Kali Yuga News.

Music for this week: PSALM 135 (Tone V) – Simono Petra Monastery Choir, Oj Alija, Aljo! – Unknown, Florian Geyer Lied

Kali Yuga News stories:…ssissauga-1.4168199…e-flags/487175/

Europa Weekly – Episode 32: Donald & The Kebabs (duckology pt.II)

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Barbute is back, which allows us to finally conclude our talk on Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck. We also mention the Happening of the week aka BASED Van man, the feud between Helmut Kohl and Merkel, school indoctrination in Finland, why we should burn down universities, architectureposting, is antifa pro or anti-Israel, another example of a pozzed Green woman (Ska Keller), and a French (black) MP defending the legitimacy of saying “Fuck France”.

Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Now I Hate Lames 3 (Part Three; OH NO! BABY!)

I stayed up till 2AM and all I have to show for it is this subpar episode of a podcast!

Joining me tonight is the Bongo Bongo Bookclub equivalent of the Midnight Society (ONLY 90’S KIDS WILL GET THIS) as we join together for what essentially could be labeled ‘Black Fart Porn with Hard Gore’. Don’t eat before you listen to tonight’s episode, lads. You are very likely to vomit.

Also a huge thanks to AnotherBadGoy for taking the reigns to record this weeks episode on a moments notice. If it wasn’t for you this episode wouldn’t have been released, and I might have still had a strand of dignity left, good work, m8.

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission: Dance With The Dead – That House
Outro: DONBOR – Against The Law

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 13 – Pink Floyd Pt. II

On part 2 of our journey through the history of rock’s most musically iconic bands, Pink Floyd, we take a look at the Roger Waters-led era spanning the band’s 3 biggest records: Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here(my personal favorite) and The Wall. We also discuss Animals, but let’s face it, nobody liked that record, not even the band.

Mushroom Monarch(
Dave Yellowman(

Outro music courtesy of Dissident State, please check out his fashwave works here:

Europa Weekly – Episode 30: Kebab Fatigue and #wokeSaxon

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3-man panel this week.

Are discussed in no particular order: the future of Europa Weekly part 2 (3?), the conquerant mindset of Kebabs in the US, more comments on Rotherham and general Kebab fatigue, Franco A. once again, a progressive use of wine bottles, the trans brainwashing and mutilation of children and finally the UK elections with a comment regarding unwarranted admiration of old school leftists.

Mysterium Fasces 30: Perennialism

In this episode, host Florian Geyer is joined by co-host Doc Savage to discuss Perennialism, with honored guest Slavros of Ironmarch.  Featuring Kali Yuga News.

Check some excellent stuff:

Music used for this week: The Lord’s Prayer (Aramaic) –
Archimandrite Seraphim & parishioners in Qanda, Georgia,

Herr Mannelig – Garmarna, Florian Geyer Lied

Kali Yuga News stories:

Europa Weekly – Episode 29: Londonistan Calling

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This week’s guest is Panzerfaust, a member of Erkenbrand, a Dutch Alt-right group. With him, we talk about the latest happening in Bongland, Franco A., the importance of local politics, media manipulation of cultural enrichment, the upcoming Erkenbrand conference (on which you can find info on the descrition of Episode 28), the intricate lore of the Donald Duck Universe and Evola’s writing style.

Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Now I Hate Lames 3 (Part Two; The Wrath of the Ox!)

Every time we record this show on the discord; I think to myself ‘Wow, this can’t get any worse than it is right now’. And every week after we some how manage to set the bar of absurd shit even lower; I love it. I fucking love it.

This weeks episode has us spinning even further into madness; and into miscarriages faster than an a flying negro pyramid into the sun. Joining me are my usual chucklefucks (Some more dedicated listeners may have noticed I’ve stopped listing them by name in the description) and a familiar old fan.

Join us as we settle domestic abuse the good old fashioned way, through rape and screaming autistically about ‘The Ox’. Meanwhile Mushroom decides to share his entire Death Grips collection with us by playing it in the background, as well as some fucking weebshit. I constantly ask myself why I outsourced my recording shit to Mexico.

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission: NightStop – Ghoul (lmfao)
Outro: The Encounter – Behemoth IV