Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: He exposed me to the Real, Now I hate lames 3 (Part One: dem ducks)

Bongo Bongo Breaktime is finally over; just in time to get absolutely shitfaced in 110F weather! Fuck yeah!

In this season of Bongo Bongo Bookclub we’re gathering together to read (another) masterpiece from urban literature queen Natavia Stewart. Natavia has written countless series of books but for this season we’ve picked out a gem among her treasure trove called; ‘He exposed me to the Real, Now I hate Lames 3’.

Following a similar format as Street Divas and Thugs Cry 2, each chapter we read will be following one specific character in particular as they strive to find love in the cold, cold ghetto streets of Maryland. So sit back; crack open a cold one with the boys(male) and enjoy! Oh, and Mushroom Monarch reads some Evola at the end or some gay shit.

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & (((Danny Kaye))) – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission: NightStop – Streetwalker
Outro: d.notive – Red Light Syndrome

All Credit for recording and editing in this weeks episode goes to Mushroom Monarch; he’s gone above and beyond for me and I highly endorse his Latino Music Podcast ‘The Reichsmusik Chamber’

If you’d like to join us during one of our recordings; feel free to join us on our Bongo Bongo Discord.

4 thoughts on “Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: He exposed me to the Real, Now I hate lames 3 (Part One: dem ducks)”

  1. Please for the love of sweet baby Jesus don’t put background music on again. It detracts from the literary genius in Natavia’s portrayal of those cold ghetto streets. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, Mushroom has agreed to stop adding Background music after how fucking loud/distracting it was in this episode.

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