Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Welfare Wifey’s (END; Mysterious Fecal Matter)

You people waited over a ‘month’ for this shit?

So, after a month long hiatus, or as what most shitskins in the cold, cold ghetto streets would call it; ‘precious ass sittin’ time’. I’ve finally mustered up the agency to get drunk enough while recording to actually make content. We’ve got all star-line up which caused me to cut at least ‘twenty minutes’ of material out, because Noah Missourian was spending a lot of time trying to suck Florian Geyer off; but I’m a bigger man, so rather than cutting out anything Florian said; I’m just going to permanently ban him from my podcast for stealing the show. Gotta be humble, fam.

Joining us tonight, a bunch of fucking idiots…
Of Reichsmusik Chamber ””fame””: Mushroom Monarch
Of Twitter Thot fame: Profane Grill
Of Northern State fame: Noah Missourian
Of being a temporary recording slave, and total fuckboi fame: Myne1001
Of Mysterious Poo-Poo fame: Florian Geyer (AKA; Mr. Schismatic)
Of Mumbling Weeb fame: Jarl_Ballin’
and of Dima-Squad fame: Uncle Dima himself!

Join us as we make complete fucking asses out of ourselves, as we show that we are incapable of reading a book without getting sidetracked on run-off conversations that last for twenty minutes.

You won’t laugh, you might cry, you’ll probably pass gas at one point or another, and you’ll likely join Myne in contemplating suicide; all this and more on this episode’s Bongo Bongo!

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Technical Difficulties Music: ECO VIRTUAL 大気研究音楽 – IKEA FERNS
Intermission: Lueur Verte – Emerald Rising
Outro: VHS Dreams – Nightdrive

Additional Notes:
– Heidrich isn’t gone; I feel I need to stress that, he’s just getting some shit in meat-space sorted out, I’m pretty confident he’ll come back; he knows he is my hype man and main nigga
– Next episode will be our Q&A Episode, please send any questions or fan-mail to [email protected] for a chance for your commentary to be read on our show
– I’ve decided to cut back on drinking after this episode; as I honestly don’t remember half of it, and found myself embarrassed by the shit I heard.

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