Salting the Earth – Episode 21 – Real Cardigan Hours (Stop Dressing Like A Child)

Episode 21 – Real Cardigan Hours (Stop Dressing Like A Child)

Caerulus and Vendetta are joined by Roscoe from Exodus Americanus and ARC Media founder Bryden Proctor. The purpose of this episode was to bullycide our huhwhite brothers into dressing appropriately. What actually happened: An hour of bantz that is mostly about how to dress, some book reviews, a lecture about how to display the US flag, and some more bantz. I sincerely hope you’re all entertained.


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In and Out music

White Awake by Xurious

Gavin Mcinnis (or whatever) dresses like a hobo

Break Music

Fuckin A by Vendetta

Bonnie Blue by 2nd South Carolina String Band


Hitler’s Army – Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich (((Omer Bartov)))

Gates of Fire Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae – Stephen Pressfield

FM 22-7

(((Goofy Media)))

(((Jenna Jameson)))

Yung Alt Lite


If the Alt Right ran the Oscars

Patrick Stewart plotting subversion

(((Miley Cyrus))) is deporting herself

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