Europa Weekly – Episode 19: The Normies Will Wake Up, Says Increasingly Nervous Europe for the Seventh Year in a Row


This week, the panel discusses the numerous and latest happenings, before delving into the Kebab Question and usual pro-Islam narratives. After that, the discussion goes into the Dutch election results before tackling the question of using realistic political opportunities, the imperatives of making deals and the question of accelerationism. Pusher then talks about a debate he had with a leftist acquaintance. The last part is dedicated to the intricacies of the Normie Mind and the necessity to have positive politics instead of exclusively negative proposals.

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Molyneux
Outro: Alain Bashung – Résidents de la République

Mysterium Fasces Episode 22: Church and State

In this episode, Florian Geyer is joined by co-hosts Greve Hans and Doc Savage, along with very special guest Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson to discuss the relationship between Church and State. Featuring Kali Yuga News.

Music used for this week: Ихтис – Вера наша, Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band – Gospel Plow, Florian Geyer Lied

Kali Yuga News Articles:

Suburban Immigration Lawyer Gets 15 Months For Asylum Scam

The Reichsshitpost Chamber – Episode 9 – Synthwave/Fashwave

This is by far one of the worst episodes I’ve put out. Yet I put in so much time editing, thinking it could be salvaged. Fuck it. It’s entertaining though.

Mushroom Monarch
Hazzard McCree
Freelance Autist
Fema Bandcamp Leader


Fema’s Soundcloud:

Mysterium Fasces Episode 21: The Environment

This week, Florian Geyer is joined by co-hosts Greve Hans and Doc Savage to discuss the natural environment and right-wing environmentalism. Featuring a Kali Yuga News RACE WAR REPORT: Inaugural Turk Edition, adorned with special commentary and analysis by Mysterium Fasces co-host, Race War expert, and Leader of the Alt-Right, Natt Danelaw.

Music used for this week: ИХТИС – Псалм 135, Thrawsunblat – Maritime Shores, Florian Geyer Lied.

Kali Yuga News stories:

Special Kali Yuga News RACE WAR REPORT: Turk inaugural edition stories:

Turk Minister Calls for Race War in Europe