Europa Weekly Ep12: Dual Wielding Machetes for the Holy War

This week we invited a goy from Switzerland onto the show to discuss his country. How cucked are the Swiss, how are the fabled gun laws in the mountains and what actually is Swiss identity? Afterwards, we talk about Martin Sellner defending himself and a mentally challenged man attacking the Luvre. A fun show as always, enjoy!

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly
Outro: Triumphmarsch

Germany – Arminius (@Arminius1871)
Finland – Barbute (@StuckVisor)
Norway – Pete (@SbacemanBete)
France – Pusher (@JohnHoxton1)
Switzerland – NS


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The Amerikaners – Episode 1: Nordfront’s Our Path

The official podcast of and for the Amerikaner people, White Americans of the American Midwest. In this debut premiere, Marcus Camillus is joined by Sean, Sacco, and Vanzetti to discuss the importance of the Midwest, its culture, and its vital role in bringing President Trump to the White House.

Intro Music: “Battle Hymn of the Republic” by Metal Patriots

Outro Music: “The Nationalist” by Final War

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