Europa Weekly Ep.14: Intersectional Gastronomic Studies & Problematic Tintin Privilege

No Arminius this week and no show-prep from two thirds of the panel led to a shorter episode which revolved pretty much entirely around Barbute’s prep.

01:30-03:30: Warhammer talk
03:30-10:55: Meeting in Munchen, Finnish government, the power of trade-unions
10:55-18:00: How the EU is ruining food
18:00-20:00: Prom dances in Finland are not inclusive enough
20:00-36:20: The Ivan Question
36:20-40:20: Gay Kikes in Outer Space
40:20-49:20: Poz in Comic Books, Tintin Extended Universe
49:20-51:30: Zizek but it keeps getting faster whenever he sniffs (
51:30-end : Trump and defense budget

Outro: Falkenbach – Havamal

Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Welfare Wifey’s (Part Eight; Valentine’s Day Fuckstravaganza)

I can’t believe I stopped edging for this shit.

Big show lined up for everyone; we’ve got four particularly arousing chapters from K’wan’s masterpizza. Hopefully the music will do well to fuel your romantic ball-slapping and wife-beating.

Joining myself and my trust co-host Heidrich tonight are:
Of Pizza Delivery Fame: Brad Small
Of Interning and NSFW Minecraft Modding Fame: Myne1001
Of Berkley Riots fame: Sirius Jones

Join us tonight as we discuss the finer points of selling crack cocaine door-to-door, as well as smuggling some menthol cigarettes to D’Marcus’ mother in the retirement home. All this and more on this weeks Bongo Bongo!

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission #1: Tyler Lyle – Lost & Found (The Midnight Remix)
Intermission #2: Le Cassette – This Is All We Know
Outro: Mitch Murder – After Hours Run

Europa Weekly Ep.13 : The Buttsex Implications of Anarcho-Tyranny

Disclaimer: It wasn’t 900 sexual assaults but a band of 900 drunk Refugees were roaming the streets of Frankfurt on NYE. Some papers claim this lead to 900 attacks, others claim it was only a handful. Something bad happened there but the extend seems to be unclear.

A series of scheduling conflicts resulted in a slight delay on the release of the episode and Pete’s absence from this week’s discussion. We’re joined for the second time by Alfred from England, this time to talk about National Action and the Identitarian Movement, after discussing news from Germany, France and Finland.

Germany – Arminius (@Arminius1871)
Finland – Barbute (@StuckVisor)
England – Alfred (@Huscarl878)
France – Pusher (@JohnHoxton1)

00:35-06:56 : Sexual assaults in Frankfurt
06:56-14:36 : Kebab Art Project in Dresden
14:36-27:34 : Few comments on the AFD, the EDL and the recent election of new German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
27:34-50:14 : Police brutality in France (Theo affair), anarcho-tyranny in Europe
50:14-52:45 : Citizen’s initiative against gay marriage in Finland
52:45-63:00 : the Martin Schultz Question, coalition government possibilities
63:00-73:00 : Eurovision and Conchita Wurst
73:00-end : Barbute leaves early, the panel discusses National Action and the Identitarian Movements (France, Germany, Austria), Martin Sellner.

Outro song : Sonne Hagal – Flackerndes Feuer

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 8 – “Japanese Schoolgirl Panty Feng Shui”

“It’s a Marshmallow Girl-sized episode in which we review Another and Tag. Big Daikon , from Oriental Observer, joins us and helps demystify the idiosyncrasies of Japanese culture and belief.

Download here.

ALI PROJECT – Kyomu Densen
Church of Misery – Ripping Into Pieces
Anamnesis – Annabel

Tune in next week as we get into Please Teacher!

Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 5 – Death Grips – (Fake) Black History Month Part 1

On this special episode of The Reichsmusik Chamber I am joined by my old and trusty co-host and friend Badtanman! We talk about 90’s pop music, Death Metal concerts, Death Grips, jungle beats and a little bit of shitposting in between. Very fun episode!

Mushroom Monarch (@PunishedMonarch)

Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Ace of Base – All That She Wants
Captian Jack – Captain Jack
NOMA – Brain Power
Devildriver – Clouds Over California
The Agonist – Thank You Pain
Winds of Plague – The Impaler
Death Grips – Giving Bad People Good Ideas
I’ve Seen Footage
No Love
Bottomless Pit

Fash Britannia – Episode 8

The Privy Council are joined by F39 of the Old Guard to discuss Brexit developments, the leftist meltdown, crooked lawyers and much more!

1:00 Enoch Powell
5:50 Brexit
39:15 Labour’s meltdown
46:50 F39!
48:50 UK leftists butthurt about Trump
59:15 The Greyfield Stray – Keep Me Warm (Yeti)
1:03:15 D’nation
1:04:30 The State of Scotland
1:16:00 #VisitMyMosque
1:17:00 Richard III’s tombstone
1:23:45 (((Lawyers’))) shenanigans
1:42:15 Degenerate of the Week
1:50:00 The Kikes – Dedicated Follower of Fascism

Thanks to The Greyfield Stray and Embassy Recordings for the audio.

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Tweet us: @fashbritannia
Email/donate: [email protected]

Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 7 – “We’re Going To Build A Wall In Space, And The Aliens Are Going To Pay For it”

“In episode 7 we talk about space, race, and the space race, with Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. We also get esoteric with Jodorowski”

Download here,

Isao Tomita – Holst’s Venus, the Bringer of Peace
Seikima-II – The Earth is in Pain
Isao Tomita – Holst’s Neptune, the Mystic

Check out Another and tune into our discussion of it next week.