Europa Weekly – Episode 15: Demographics of Hammer and Sickle-cell disease

Still no Arminius this week but the panel did more showprep. We talk about sickle-cell disease and ethno-racial statistics in France, Monarchy, Finns, Ivan, Marxism, Dunbar’s number’s implications, potatoes, Pop science and our Greatest Ally. Arminius should be back next week, ORDNUNG MUSS SEIN.

Beginning-20:20 : Sickle-cell disease screening in France
20:20-24:30 : Finngolian inflitration in Sweden
24:30-45:30 : Environmentalism, Eco-Fascism, Marxist critique, SCALE, religion as opiate for the masses
45:30-60:15 : Monarchy, the Press & Pop Science
60:15-64:20 : The decay of the Norwegian navy while Finnish army is growing
64:20-71:50 : This autistic Nord has come up with pure European food with one simple trick and basically you’re a fucking nigger for eating potatoes!
71:50-End : Greatest Ally against human rights activists

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly
Outro: Dan ar Braz – Green Lands

By the way, our buddy FeniasFarsa (as featured on previous episodes) has released a very good episode of his own podcast, where they talk about cops fabricating pedo charges against a citizen and EU-wide holocause denial laws. Don’t forget to check it out!
Link :

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