Mysterium Fasces Episode 18: The Sodomite Question

In this episode Florian Geyer is joined by co-hosts Natt Danelaw and Greve Hans,  along with honored guests Freelance Autist and Doc Mayhem to discuss the Sodomite Question, in light of the recent revelations of ((Milo))’s affairs with Catamites. Featuring Kali Yuga News.

Music used for this week: Wardruna – Helvegen, Vox Vulgaris – Stella Splendens, Florian Geyer Lied.

Mysterium shirts, etc:

Kali Yuga News Articles:

OH YES IT’S HAPPENING: CNN and NYT Banned from Press Briefing!!!!!!1111!!!!

Austria: Iraqi Gang-Rapists Won’t be Deported Because in Iraq the Sentence for Gang-Rape is Death

One thought on “Mysterium Fasces Episode 18: The Sodomite Question”

  1. This was a great explanation of why faggotry is an abomination.
    However, I am always FUCKING AMAZED at how much time right-wingers spend trashing sodomites, relative to trashing the family-wrecking, nation-wrecking selfish filth known as “sluts.”
    There really is no conceivable argument that homos do more damage in aggregate than sluts do.
    Seriously though, SLUTS OFF ROOFTOPS WHEN!?!?!

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