White Nationalism 5.0

I’ve noticed that a large number describe us as “White Nationalism 2.0,” but that omits several of our predecessors. This is from an American perspective; as, in Europe, “White Nationalism” is a code word for “Pride in your Heritage.” White Nationalism 1.0 would be those who saw the niggers and Jews as subhumans; the original iteration of the Klu Klux Klan. Version 2.0 would come with groups like “America First” and the American Bund rallies that sprang up prior to World War II and featured such prominent celebrities of the day as Charles Lindbergh. The next version would be 3.0; George Rockwell’s “American Nazi Party” which would, eventually, degrade into version 4.0, the biker gangs that became the staple of Nazi villainry in America and were unfairly portrayed as prison gangs and uneducated whites. From their ashes, we have risen as version 5.0; the nebulous internet presence that acts as a hydra due to a decentralized hub, a lack of prominent figures, and a common ideal that we work from the shadows to progress.

The tools of our iteration are federally-gathered statistics and facts that require so little as one to be open to the interpretation of data and the ability to recognize a pattern. In this day and age, it’s “racist” to note that blacks are responsible for the majority of crime in the United States despite their “minority” status. They may be a minority in terms of numbers, but the level of handouts and systematic tools that have been given to them render such a claim laughable. Mexicans are also heavily featured in the crime statistics; many of whom are here illegally to begin with. Jews make up a disproportionate amount of the financial sector and control an alarming amount of the wealth; one of the times that we’ve been most aligned with the left was when they were having their “Occupy Wall Street” movement and were rallying against the “1%” because they were rallying against the Jewish banking cabals that keep people as slaves to their debts.

The world we live in has been so warped that if you state that “Blacks are responsible for a disproportionately large amount of crime to their numbers in the overall population,” or “Mexicans who enter this country illegally already show a pattern of disregard for the laws of the United States,” or “The Jewish banking cabal has a vested interest in keeping everyone in poverty despite the fact that they’ve accrued more money than anyone could spend in a lifetime by making millions of Americans struggle to be able to afford food AND shelter on two incomes” you will see their true colors show.

The left will instantly brand you as “one of us.” You become a racist, a Nazi, a White Supremacist. To which, I ask you a question: have you ever talked to a White Supremacist? Most people have, but haven’t realized it. It’s not like they’re bad people. The mechanic that fixes your car, the plumber that repairs your toilet, the surgeon that performs your bypass; all jobs that are held by white supremacists, but, you wouldn’t know it. The reason is simple. Most don’t want to round up people into camps and fire up the ovens. The vast majority want a simple, safe home for themselves, their children, and their future descendants.

We live in a world where we’re being told that people should be free to express themselves by any form of body mutilation; piercing, gender surgeries, etc. and that we have to accept these special snowflake conditions that they make up like “trans-species,” “gender fluid,” or “pansexual” while being bombarded by pronouns that sound like some made up language out of Star Trek, but to say that “I want a small house with a beautiful wife where we can raise our children surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals” borders on “hate speech.”

That is what drove most of us to become Nazis. We started with mild views and a desire for our own self-interests and those of our families, but we were told that we were monsters when we tried to push for it. When the left calls you a monster or a Nazi for long enough; when you lose enough friends over baseless accusations, it’s a short trip to be adapted into that camp. The Right embraced us; while you may not be on the extreme end of the spectrum, just remember that we won’t fault you for it and are OK if you’re not as far along as we are. Version 5.0 is surprisingly accepting of those making the journey and those who find a stopping point as long as you realize that we are closer to being your allies than they are.

4 thoughts on “White Nationalism 5.0”

    1. 4.0 never existed in a cohesive manner, but they’re an important stepping-stone to what we are in that the knee-jerk reaction to them closes a lot of minds to our ideas by name association alone.

  1. You are obviously a skinhead white supremacist kkk nazi for wanting to be around people who share your values, holidays, history, ideals, social standards, sense of aesthetics, genetics (but I repeat myself).

  2. Why do we have to label the different eras of white nationalism anyway? I instantly think when someone shits on White Nationalism 1.0, referring to George Lincoln Rockwell and his legacy, that they are either a shill or a cuck. The usual argument is that he was counter productive in his methods, yet he was doing extremely well for his time. In fact, if nobody noticed, he employed Donald Trump’s dimensional chess meme strategy. Bait and switch tactics, trolling, speaking honestly, story telling, and he was a great public speaker. The main difference being he could be openly racist back then, which Trump can’t. In modern times, the only way to win is to advocate racial policies while disguising them as common sense policies to normies (that don’t realize racial politics IS common sense). Rockwell simply told it like it is, and it worked. And that’s why they assassinated him. With Trump, even if he were Hitler, they can’t be sure, and they let him get too big so they just can’t risk assassinating him now. WN 1.0 just couldn’t go on without GLR, no matter how the party (parties) tried, so I understand thinking “they didn’t get anything done,” but we wouldn’t likely (all) be here without their efforts. So I’m honestly a little suspicious of people that play that alt-right > WN1.0 card. Especially seeing as Trump has done at least half of our work for us. Don’t get an ego just because we memed a president. He’s his own damn person. He collaborated with us to achieve victory, if anything. We didn’t create him. We’re lucky we haven’t been seriously subverted thus far, and it’s not like (((they))) haven’t been trying. Just stay focused. The 14 words, GTK;RWN, save Europe. Those are the goals, not necessarily in that order. Shadilay.

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