Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Welfare Wifey’s (Part Eight; Valentine’s Day Fuckstravaganza)

I can’t believe I stopped edging for this shit.

Big show lined up for everyone; we’ve got four particularly arousing chapters from K’wan’s masterpizza. Hopefully the music will do well to fuel your romantic ball-slapping and wife-beating.

Joining myself and my trust co-host Heidrich tonight are:
Of Pizza Delivery Fame: Brad Small
Of Interning and NSFW Minecraft Modding Fame: Myne1001
Of Berkley Riots fame: Sirius Jones

Join us tonight as we discuss the finer points of selling crack cocaine door-to-door, as well as smuggling some menthol cigarettes to D’Marcus’ mother in the retirement home. All this and more on this weeks Bongo Bongo!

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission #1: Tyler Lyle – Lost & Found (The Midnight Remix)
Intermission #2: Le Cassette – This Is All We Know
Outro: Mitch Murder – After Hours Run

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