Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 6 – Nietzschean Nihilism Adds +1 to Saving Throws.

“In episode 6 we get philosophical with Berserk.”

Download here.


Susumu Hirasawa – Hai Yo

Versailles – Masquerade

Penpals – Tell Me Why

Be sure to watch Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise to follow our discussion of it next week!

4 thoughts on “Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 6 – Nietzschean Nihilism Adds +1 to Saving Throws.”

    1. If you still haven’t found out, click on the download here link and scroll down and click on his name, all of his work is there.

  1. 23:00 Guts is actually more similar to Batman in western modern pop culture. He´s physically stronger than most people, and Guts is super human strong, but batman makes up that with incredible cunning and cool gadgets(not as a cool as an arm cannon, but then again batman has all of his extremities intact), In they way they´re similar is in that they always escape death by they skin of their teeth, because they´re very, very skill and their will to power, they know they can´t depend in anyone else.

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