Fash Britannia Episode 7

This week the Privy Council shitposts about living in the Eternal Trumpenreich, the butthurt BBC, Brexit, charity muggers, and more!

1:00 Jonathan Bowden – Never Apologise
7:15 Week Two of the Trumpenreich – the British fallout
30:15 Article 50 traitors
43:00 Remember the six gorillion!
49:45 The Greyfield Stray – Leftist
53:00 British charitable signalling
Note: web.archive.org/web/2012062020332…rg/database/fake/ – Fake Charities Archive
1:18:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:22:10 Finishing plugs
1:25:00 The Mechasmiths – There is a White that never goes out

Thanks to The Greyfield Stray and Embassy Recordings for the music, and Thorndyke is Dead (www.youtube.com/channel/UCje9sy3kHqbevkRoeVd6LtA) for the Jonathan Bowden clip.

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