Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 2 – wtf i’m down with clown now

On this second musical escapade I am joined by The Bongo Bongo Abortion cast wherein of all musical travesties we discuss: THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE! Surprisingly, they’re not that bad, well at least The Great Milenko isn’t…

We also talk lightly on Jungle Beats Inc. and Slipknot!

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)
Berry Picker(@reactionaryist)
Freelance Autist(@FreelanceAutist)
Noah Missourian(@The_Missourian)
Sadly no Badtanman :'(

Background Music: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 OST


2 thoughts on “Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 2 – wtf i’m down with clown now”

  1. Dude ICP gatherings are degenerate AF. BBC did a show on them and people were walking around showing each other their ass holes. Some of the things the clowns say are kind of based but I can’t get down with them. Their followers are oven worthy tbh.

    1. I mean here’s the thing: yeah they’re degenerate, but they’re still a genre of music and subculture of white people that, at the very least, made for an interesting topic, if nothing else to be showcased as something to be be avoided.

      Personally I feel these kids are just ostracized due to diversity and have adopted the nigger culture they were surrounded by.

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