30 Minutes In The Oven Season Two, Episode 5 – Mornings with Adam and Mary Grey

This week the Sandgroper is joined by Adam and Mary Grey of Good Morning White America!


All about GMWA

-Its origins in AM Grey
-What has it been like doing a podcast with submissions for others
-Future plans for GMWA

How does mission tie into your work for this movement?

Reich Reading List

What is it like being what some would consider very “wholesome” in a fairly “edgy” movement?

What direction would you like the alt right to go in moving forward?

What advice would you have for others in this movement?

-Mary (ethnoreligion from a woman’s perspective)
-Adam (gospel)

The episode Mary talked about can be found at:
Adamgray-577846681 – Gmwa-6-good-morning-white-america-thurs-oct-13-2016

Closing out with a Prayer from the Grey’s, then a small message from Sandgroper re:recent events.


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