Jiheishō Kōnā – Episode 6 – Nietzschean Nihilism Adds +1 to Saving Throws.

“In episode 6 we get philosophical with Berserk.”

Download here.


Susumu Hirasawa – Hai Yo

Versailles – Masquerade

Penpals – Tell Me Why

Be sure to watch Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise to follow our discussion of it next week!

Fash Britannia Episode 7

This week the Privy Council shitposts about living in the Eternal Trumpenreich, the butthurt BBC, Brexit, charity muggers, and more!

1:00 Jonathan Bowden – Never Apologise
7:15 Week Two of the Trumpenreich – the British fallout
30:15 Article 50 traitors
43:00 Remember the six gorillion!
49:45 The Greyfield Stray – Leftist
53:00 British charitable signalling
Note: web.archive.org/web/2012062020332…rg/database/fake/ – Fake Charities Archive
1:18:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:22:10 Finishing plugs
1:25:00 The Mechasmiths – There is a White that never goes out

Thanks to The Greyfield Stray and Embassy Recordings for the music, and Thorndyke is Dead (www.youtube.com/channel/UCje9sy3kHqbevkRoeVd6LtA) for the Jonathan Bowden clip.

Europa Weekly Ep11: The NATO-Kebab-Connection

We are joined this week by FashGordon, our first Ameriburger on the show, to discuss NATO. Of course, we get heavily side-tracked by discussing Kebabs and possible RaHoWa scenarios. Before we get into that topic however, Pusher shares some insight on the current corruption scandal in France. A fun and informative show as always, enjoy!

Intro: Palästinalied feat. Moly
Outro: In taberna quando sumus by Arany Zoltán

Germany – Arminius (@Arminius1871)
Finland – Barbute (@StuckVisor)
Norway – Pete (@SbacemanBete)
France – Pusher (@JohnHoxton1)
United States – FashGordon (@FashVito)

OUR WORDPRESS: https://europaweekly.wordpress.com/

If you have any questions or suggestions, E-Mail us at: [email protected]

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The Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 4 – The Greyfield Stray

On this episode of the Reichsmusik Chamber, The Driver and I are joined by some famous goys, bigly!

We sit down with Greyfield Stray from the Paranormies and of The Greyfield Stray Band, to discuss his upcoming album.
Hosted on:

I wanted to make this an episode on Rock n Roll and Hard Rock, but I fucked up bigly and forgot to remind everyone, thinking they could just read my thoughts!

Mushroom Monarch (@PunishedMonarch)

The Driver (@Anonymonic)

Greyfield Stray (@GFStray)

Jeffery Fairwater (@JFairH2O)

Sandy Gropa (@sandgroperfash)

Frankie Favela (@frankie_favela)

Ambrosia – The Greyfield Stray
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OST
Veteran of the Psychic War – Blue Oyster Cult
Candidate – David Bowie
Papai Noel Filho Da Puta – Garotos Podres
Passive Restraints – Clutch
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver – Primus
Oh Jim (Live) – Lou Reed
Californian Hunger – The Darkthrones
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – Starfucker
Belief – The Mission (UK)
Saturday in the Park – Chicago
Chemistry – Rush
Escuela de Calor – Radio Futura


Europa Weekly is a week-by-week report on the situation on the Old Continent, in which we discuss events, news, as well as more general topics related to Euro politics or culture. Always principled, our multicultural panel is comprised of Arminius (Germany), Pete (Norway), Barbute (Finland) and Pusher (France), not to mention a diverse and varied multitude of guests!

Starting this week we will post our new episodes here on AngryFrog.biz. We are also featured on The Daily Stormer and have our own WordPress.

Germany – Arminius (@Arminius1871)
Finland – Barbute (@StuckVisor)
Norway – Pete (@SbacemanBete)
France – Pusher (@JohnHoxton1)

OUR WORDPRESS: https://europaweekly.wordpress.com/

If you have any questions or suggestions, E-Mail us at: [email protected]

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Episode 4: Potato Famine Survivor
Irish guest joins us to talk about Irish politics.

Episode 5: The Great European Hyper-War
Talking to a Finn about the (possible) future of Europe.

Episode 6: The Christmas Man is coming to Town
Comfy talk about Christmas in Europe.

Episode 7: New Years talk with Boatsinker
Chatting about the political situation in Europe.

Episode 8: Kvetching in Ireland, Elections in Holland and Kebabs in General
3-parter about Ireland’s newspapers mentioning the alt-right, Geert Wilders and generally Europe.

Episode 9: Roses Watermelons
Talking about Christianity and Communists.

Episode 10: Varg and the Legend of Viking Rock
Talking to a Britbonger about Europe.

Freelance’s Bongo Bongo Bookclub: Welfare Wifey’s (Part Seven: Anxiety in the Applebee’s™

After an intense week of drama and an odd lack of proper negro literature; we’re finally fucking back! And behind schedule again to boot! Go figure!

Joining me tonight is a leather studded line-up of special degenerates all coming together to partake in a pleasant lunch at Applebee’s™
Of Chechen Civil War fame: Heidrich Babenberger
Of Angry Frog™ fame: Hazzard McCree
Of Imitation Texan fame: The Missourian
Of Discord fame: TheDriver
Also joining us for maybe two minutes: GeorgeRockwell (PBUH)

Join us as we take a ruck into the wilds of Harlem to observe negro mating rituals, fistfights in welfare offices, all this as we fight over the greasy buffalo wing leftovers of the Don-Don. All this and more on this weeks Bongo Bongo!

The music that was used in this weeks episode is as follows:

Intro: Andrew Sisters & Danny Kaye – Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
Intermission: Highway Superstar – Splash
Outro: FM-84 – Arcade Summer

Fash Britannia Episode 6

The Privy Council are joined by David Yorkshire to celebrate the Trumpenreich, discuss the future of UKIP, the vagaries of Brexit, and much more.

1:00 Oswald Mosley on globalism
5:30 Celebrating the Trumpenreich
26:00 The Million Mammary March
32:15 Barron-senpai, leader of the Alt Right
34:45 UKIP update
40:45 Brexit news
59:00 The Greyfield Stray – A Saviour for a Doomed World
1:03:27 D’nation
1:06:15 David Yorkshire
1:18:00 MW and doxing
1:33:30 The obligate TRS “Jew or not Jew” discussion
1:42:30 Degenerate of the Week
1:48:30 Any other business, including website announcement
2:07:15 EU Rope – The Final Red Pill

You can find us on Twitter @fashbritannia, @drcathyprincess and @gfstray. Email and send us money at [email protected]. David Yorkshire is in many places, including www.mjolnirmagazine.com.

Coming soon: fashbritannia.com – watch this space.

The Darwin Digest Episode 40: Mental Health

This week on the Darwin Digest we take a brief look at mental health and look at some of the causes and distributions of these illnesses.

0.00.00 Physical causes of mental disorders and depression.

0.24.57 Racial and Ethnic differences in mental health.

1.04.00 Mental health and gender

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Reichsmusik Chamber – Episode 3 – 6,000,000 Tons of METAL!

Now on: radio.therightstuff.biz

On this episode of the Reichsmusik Chamber we dedicate 2 hours to PURE, UNFILTERED, KVLT, METAL!
We talk about:

>the new Sepultura album
>band chemistry
>live shows
>and of coursh extensive guitar posting!

Spotify Playlist:

Mushroom Monarch(@PunishedMonarch)
The Driver(@Anonymonic)

Bongripper – Hippe Killer
Sepultura – Machine Messiah, Phantom Self, Cyber God, Sworn Oath
The Absence – Echoes
Lamb of God – 512
Cephalic Carnage – Ohrwurm

Bongo Bongo Afterbirth Theatre – Episode 2 – (Quiet Reading) Loud Music

“If you’re alive to read this after the podcast… Congratulations.

I’m too lazy to write a description. But big props to Mushroom Monarch for actually taking the time to put effort into this.”

-Freelance Autist

Hey niggers say hello to the next iteration of this trainwreck of a podcast. Let’s see how long we can keep the shitshow going!